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Tools for post market surveillance and pharmacovigilance

Search multiple FDA datasets simultaneously

Foundation, ResoluteAI's scientific discovery engine, lets you perform research across multiple FDA and MHRA databases simultaneously. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, you can: 

PMS PV image 2 sized

  • Analyze adverse events and recalls in minutes instead of relying on time consuming and highly manual processes.

  • Discover information on comparable drugs and devices faster by creating precise queries, enhanced by our comprehensive filtering options.

  • Eliminate repetitive work with saved searches that proactively monitor and deliver the latest FDA and MHRA reports directly to your inbox.

Find out how Foundation can help you streamline your post market surveillance and pharmacovigilance process by downloading our toolkit. Join us for a product tour, and we'll give you a free two-week trial of Foundation. 

PMS/PV toolkit and free two-week trial of Foundation