ResoluteAI: Tools for post market surveillance and pharmacovigilance

Researching across multiple sites is time consuming. Why do that when there’s a better way? 

Foundation, ResoluteAI's secure research platform, lets you search numerous FDA databases simultaneously. Combined with our interactive analytics and downloadable visualizations, you can: 

  • Easily share research and analytics with colleagues through advanced export functionality.
  • Analyze data directly within the platform through data visualizations. 
  • Put an end to irrelevant results by searching with consistent metadata across all ResoluteAI datasets.
  • Target your research through categories and tags specific to the dataset.
  • Eliminate repetitive searches by setting up alerts and having them delivered directly to your inbox.
Don't let cumbersome search methods get in your way. Find out how Foundation can help you research better and faster by downloading "Foundation: Post market surveillance and pharmacovigilance toolkit." Feel free to reach out to us at

Download our "Foundation: Post market surveillance and pharmacovigilance toolkit"