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Case Study

Syngenta Case Study: How will we feed nine billion people in the near future?

Syngenta Case Study_Page_1Food security presents today’s agrochemical industry -- and the entire human race -- with profound and unprecedented challenges. 

Syngenta uses world-class science and innovative crop solutions to empower millions of farmers across the world with the latest research and agriculture strategies. 

Using ResoluteAI’s artificial intelligence-based discovery engine, Syngenta was able to:

  • Advance work on seed technology, biotechnology, and other areas
  • Enhance biological pest control ideas and opportunities 
  • Leverage existing partnerships in new and unprecedented ways
  • Support efforts to improve the yield of crops critical to human survival and nutrition

Download the Syngenta Case Study to learn how artificial intelligence enables scientists and farmers to discover thousands of new research entities and create unique collaborations that help feed the future of humanity.

Download the Case Study