ResoluteAI Solution Sheet

ResoluteAI_SolutionSheetInfrastructure challenges are blocking researchers
and scientists from world-changing discoveries and breakthroughs. 

When innovators work to conduct research to advance knowledge and understanding in their respective fields, they are commonly met with complex infrastructure barriers that make the
process slow, disorganized, and disconnected. 

ResoluteAI provides researchers and scientists with a dynamic search method powered by machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing for in-file recognition and search recommendations that deliver unmatched accuracy. 

ResoluteAI is further democratizing the world’s data and empowering innovators by:

  • Enabling users to uncover hidden, unforeseen, or unexpected connections by leveraging conceptual searches
  • Creating more meaningful and efficient browsing experiences through intelligently curated search results based on file features
  • Allowing innovators to efficiently research, uncover, integrate, and connect their most relevant data sources at scale 

Download the solution sheet to learn how artificial intelligence is connecting businesses to data through advanced technologies. 

Download the Solution Sheet