R-Data Solution Sheet: Is your next breakthrough just an AI search away?

r data solution sheetResearchers and scientists know that the next world-changing breakthrough may never happen due to inadequate visibility and access to critical information. 

With limitless amounts of data constantly being created but siloed by human processes and infrastructures, ResoluteAI empowers research to innovate faster and smarter by shining a light on untapped relationships. Using ResoluteAI, researchers can conduct deep dives into concepts, not just keywords.  

ResoluteAI is enabling researchers to innovate faster by:

  • Using AI and deep learning to make information retrieval seamless
  • Allowing users to research, uncover, integrate and connect data sources at scale
  • Pulling info from scientific publications, journals, patents, companies and tech transfers
  • Connecting users to government grants and clinical trials as if they’re single-source
  • Providing businesses with competitive intelligence, potential startup partners and venture capital opportunities  

Download the R-Data Solution Sheet to learn how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing research through advanced technologies. 

Download the Solution Sheet