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For researchers and developers, the key to quicker and greater innovation may lie in their patent search capabilities. 

Searching IP information takes time, and the results are often incomplete. It can be an onerous process in which few shortcuts exist. One that does exist, however, comes from the improvement of AI as it pertains to patent search technology.   

Better Patent Search Leads to Better Innovation

It’s impossible to understate the importance of patents to research and development teams. While the main purpose of a patent is to protect inventors, there are other benefits to finding information on patents faster and more thoroughly, especially for those industries requiring constant innovation, such as the medical industry. 

AI-powered patent search engines help R&D teams:

  • Overcome the difficult, tedious process of searching huge amounts of information
  • Quickly make unlikely connections across different industries
  • Move beyond basic keyword searches and categorize information more efficiently and intuitively, by concept

The Difficulties of Patent Search

There are more than 10 million utility patents in the world. And, according to a report by IBM, medical data is expected to double every 73 days by 2020. Searching through that amount of information is impossible for any human or team of humans to do. Even if the information is found, there’s no guarantee of how accurate it is or that it’s tracked correctly. 

Enter AI. With an AI-powered patent search engine, firms are able to extract data from different sources, datasets, and in multiple formats. This removes hours of wasted time, that often leads to incomplete research. Instead of stifling innovation with cumbersome tasks, R&D teams regain the precision they need to produce work with meaningful insights. 

Connect Patents in New Ways

Connecting patents together can create a more comprehensive intellectual landscape of markets, like the medical industry. By getting to information faster and with more greater accuracy, R&D teams gain the capability of making unlikely connections they otherwise may never have - a key factor for researchers and inventors. 

Empowered by the speed and scale of AI, research teams can cut through the clutter quicker and more efficiently, which could provide the time – and inspiration – necessary for those unintuitive connections to happen more often. 

ResoluteAI Makes Patent Search Easier

Many patent search services struggle to provide accurate results because their capabilities are limited to simple keyword searches alone. With ResoluteAI, researchers can search between concepts and ideas rather than explicit keywords or terms. The ResoluteAI platform allows each individual dataset to be integrated, annotated, tagged, categorized, and related to new information. 

This data is delivered in an easy-to-use, digestible visual format that can be immediately implemented to create greater innovation and faster return on research investments.

ResoluteAI leverages cutting edge machine learning techniques, ontologies, relevant datasets, and more to enhance patent search and quickly connect these dots to give R&D teams and innovators the tools they need to produce greater innovations.

If your team is interested in connecting concepts from patent searches to accelerate innovation, contact our specialists.

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