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Make true data-driven decisions

Intelligently capture and share the vast amount of knowledge available to you.

ResoluteAI lets you summarize research aggregated from internal and external databases to inform decisions to support technology landscaping, product reviews, competitive intelligence, study design, and more.

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With ResoluteAI's Collections, you can annotate insights from aggregated search results, and communicate them with their colleagues via an interactive webpage or PDF. These interactive summaries provide succinct, real-time views of the insights teams need to efficiently inform decisions.


“My managers couldn't believe how quickly I was able to turn around my most recent tech scouting report. Collections allows me to quickly summarize our internal research and compare it with a host of market information. I can never go back to how we did this before."

Business Development & Licensing Director
 Top 50 Biopharma Company


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ResoluteAI provides a unified experience to help life science organizations understand the totality of their knowledge landscape to guide decision making:

Connect internal and external data: Developing truly data-driven strategies means fostering a deep understanding of where your intellectual property fits within the market as a whole. ResoluteAI allows users to search and analyze internal data repositories such as SharePoint and hundreds of scientific research sources including academic publications, patents, clinical trials, and tech transfer opportunities.

Explore the totality of your data network: Keyword-based search alone is limited by the imagination of the searcher - what if they don’t really know what they’re looking for? The platform intelligently tags and classifies data via proprietary algorithms as well as many industry standard taxonomies such as PubChem, SNOWMED, MEDdra, and RxNorm to capture and display any and all relevant results.

Extract information buried in unstructured data: Often, needed insights are buried within documents, images, or handwritten notes. ResoluteAI utilizes the latest advances in document cracking, image analysis, and optical character recognition to ensure every piece of data is analyzed - even if it's located in an old lab notebook.


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