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AI search engines are able to identify, contextualize, and analyze vast amounts of information at unprecedented speeds. This increasing rate of searchability and intelligent data management allows researchers and innovators to investigate, discover, and connect their most brilliant ideas to valuable resources and data points, from published research to patents and presentations, at scale. 

ResoluteAI’s powerful AI search, cognition engines, and machine learning capabilities instantly scour massive amounts of data from sources spread across the world so developers, scientists, and researchers can explore, interpret, and create discoveries that will change the world. 

How Does AI Search Work?

AI simulates intelligent human processes using advanced technologies and computer systems. Like human individuals, AI is able to continually learn and improve by recognizing patterns, shapes, languages, and other data points, along with the regular manual input of data. 

Advances in AI, like enhanced prediction capabilities, higher processing speeds, and the ability to instantly pull information from multiple sources at the same time, enhance regular search capabilities to create AI Search. Leveraging these capabilities pays enormous dividends when paired with research and innovation, allowing researchers to explore more data in less time with greater impact.

Why Is AI Search Important?

The ability of AI to collect, process, and deliver massive amounts of data is a game-changing development for the industries that rely on the insights of researchers and innovators. These capabilities save organizations and individuals considerable resources – especially in terms of time, money, and energy – and enables them to make more intelligent decisions faster, more efficiently, and leverage that knowledge to create even more innovation.

AI technologies also create systems that function both intelligently and independently. These systems, when combined with human intelligence, offer exponentially greater possibilities for new levels of discovery, information organization and analysis, and learning.

Updated search engines, powered by AI, can solve numerous problems and perform a variety of scalable tasks, such as:

  • Instantly search through nearly infinite data distributed across various datasets and sources
  • Monitor and track disparate sources and search tools used during discovery
  • Identify relevant data on obscure subjects or seemingly unrelated concepts
  • Ensure the integrity and quality of collected data

AI search navigates dense and complex language and query parameters used to assess patents, research documents, comb through academic papers, and highly technical experiments. Instead of aggregating fragmented data from myriad hard-to-track sources, researchers can use AI search to access to well-organized, updated information in an easy-to-digest manner, making research more seamless, less taxing, and potentially more impactful.

AI search engines have surpassed the abilities of legacy search engines, and as AI continues to evolve it will become more sophisticated. This will allow for more efficient searches and the ability to connect intricate concepts – instead of basic keywords, for example – submitted by top innovators and researchers. 

ResoluteAI: Leveraging AI Search to Empower Innovation

ResoluteAI combines the power of AI and machine learning in a robust, comprehensive search engine that rapidly connects sophisticated concepts and ideas rather than simple terms or keywords in a variety of formats.

With these AI-driven solutions, innovators can research, discover, integrate, and connect the most relevant data sources, at scale, using a cognition engine that continually learns: 

Synthesizing Foundation with Industry Data

A one-stop search engine for publicly available data pulls information from the public domain. Data is pulled from numerous areas including technology transfer, patents, scientific publications and journals, companies, as well as government grants, and clinical trials as if they’re single-source.

Character Recognition Software

Innovators are able to move beyond the explicit terms of keywords and phrases and instead connect complex ideas through ontology mapping and knowledge graphs. This software connects comprehensive documentation detailing modern innovation from disparate industries, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing, and CPG.

Nebula - Enterprise Search

ResoluteAI has developed a cutting-edge method for leveraging AI to ingest any data, structured or unstructured, in any format to make in-house data easier to search, analyze, share, and store. 

One Platform

Researchers are able to conduct smarter, more innovative explorations and experiments by curating datasets into a single, digestible content feed that allows them to make more informed decisions faster. 

By compiling and connecting more than 200 million technical records, expansive amounts of research on ResoluteAI can be easily stored, categorized, and digested across numerous verticals. This allows concepts and ideas to be better organized, more thoroughly visualized, and assist with greater innovation beyond the research phase. 

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